Why LOCAL Decisions

LOCAL Decisions helps you navigate all phases of the participative decision process. Our unique approach is grounded in theory and proven in practice.


Decision making is a process. Each stage has its own information requirements, roles, and challenges.  From eliciting preferences to generating alternatives to modeling potential consequences.  Our process is simple, transparent, and reliable.


Communities do not speak with one voice. Individuals have preferences and interests. Our methodology is designed from the bottom up to surface conflict, enable deliberation, and discover paths for compromise.


Meaningful consultation requires multiple approaches and channels. We provide the technology platforms and proven techniques to connect to your community, manage large amounts of information, and transform raw facts into actionable advice.

Our Approach

Participatory decision making requires a careful division of labor. Some tasks, such as identifying priorities, naturally belong to citizens.  Other tasks, such as solution design, feasibility analysis, and policy writing should be undertaken by specialists within your organization.  We fill in the gaps.  We do the critical things that your planners, engineers, and recreation specialists do not do, such as run large-scale public consultations, conduct statistical analysis of data, operate topic-specific websites, undertake complex economic and risk analyses.  More critically, we provide a roadmap—a proven methodology— to navigate your issue or problem. We know how to bring your community and your staff together to work collectively and productively to provide solutions that people understand and support.
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Success Stories

uncertain tradeoff
A difficult tradeoff has to be made in a public works project between tangible cost and a set of intangible benefits.

Rural OCP
A historic rural community facing serious infrastructure deficits had to decide on a way forward.

Wild horses
How do you solve a thorny problem that no one has any experience with?  You tap into the community's wisdom.

Water system
Cost, complexity, and divergent priorities had led to failed referenda, acrimony, stalemate, and finally dissolution of the water system.



We construct large n panels composed of diverse members of the community.  Everyone who wants to be heard, is heard. 


Our process is structured, repeatable, and understandable.  All stakeholders can see the relationship between decision inputs and outputs.  Decision-making roles and responsibilities are clear and stable.


Our decision process benefits from the wisdom of crowds.  We have techniques to tap into the creativity and experience of your citizens.


The infrastructure and expertise for participatory decision-making can be expensive.  We benefit from significant economies of scale and can provide sophisticated tools and services at a price your citizens can support.